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Kenai River Water Temp. 42 degrees - 05/24/2018
Soldotna, Alaska Temperature.
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July King Salmon SPECIAL    
$150 Half Day King Fishing      
$250 Full Day King Fishing
If you're looking for a professional to help you hook into a MONSTER Salmon,
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72 & 82  Pound Kings
Fish for Monster Alaskan Salmon, Trout & Halibut. We are based in Soldotna, Alaska
"The River City" which is located onr the world famous Kenai River. The Kenai River
is the current home of the king salmon World Record. This monster salmon tipped the
scales at  97 pound 4 ounce and was caught in 1985.  Soldotna is centrally located on the
Alaska Kenai Peninsula.  You can fish monster salmon, trout & halibut all in the same
day, if you are up to it. We have been sport fish guiding here for 30 years and if you are
interested in going after some of the "Really Big Ones", so are we. Our area is home to
the largest strains of salmon, trout and halibut in the world.
Kenai River salmon nursery capabilities presently are unknown but official run  records
go back as far as 1900, only legends go before that. Those legends tell of salmon runs all
year long, with light runs in the winters and heavy runs in the summers.  I believe that  we
have not even begun to see the total salmon spawning capacity of the Kenai. 
Her turquoise green waters conceal countless generations which have both lived and died
within her. Present runs are the end results of thousands of years of only the strongest surviving. It is very possible that she is the best producer of salmon on earth.
We believe that the Kenai River is the greatest sportfishing river on earth and that it is
our duty as good resource managers to allow her natural cycle of life to not only continue,
but to continue to expand to her natural limits. It is our goal to encourage you to love
fishing her as much as we do.
We fish for salmon, trout and halibut in different locations but all are within just minutes
from each other. We provide the boat, the guide and all the necessary fishing equipment
and bait.   You need only pick up an Alaska sport fish license.

                                               Alaskan Books By Don Johnson

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A Fish Heaven Website

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"See You Out There Fishen!"

Alaska Dons<><
P.O. Box 876
Soldotna, Alaska 99669
Information or Reservations
  (907) 262 - 7893
E-mail us CLICK HERE

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